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  1. Who should use this product?
    Best practices point to the product being equally effective in both men and woman. The product is effective for all types of skin. Apply to clean skin and occasionally use a scrub, exfoliant or alpha hydroxy (AHA) products to remove dead cells, clean pores and improve results.

    Oily / combination skin:
    Users with oily skin have reported best results when combined with a micro-fine scrub, an exfoiliant or AHA product to clean pores, remove dead skin and cells prior to applying Prolastil E-50. Scrubs should be applied and worked gently on the skin.

    Suggested micro fine scrubs are from Darphin, Guerlain or Freeze 24/7 IceCrystals . A suggested AHA is from Dr. Dennis Gross (peel pads). If you don’t like scrubs, try Jurlique Fruit Enzyme Exfoiliant, it is an oil that is applied and then wiped or rinsed off.

    First, use the scrub, and/or alpha hydroxy product to clean the pores, and then apply Prolastil E-50, which reduces pore size, clams redness and heals breakouts in clinical subjects. Many users have reported using the scrub two days prior to starting the use of Prolastil E-50 daily.

    Dry skin:
    Users with dry skin are advised to use a gentle micro fine scrub prior applying the first application of Prolastil E-50. Thereafter, using the micro fine scrub just once weekly. Scrub suggestions are listed above.
  2. Which product is best for me?
    The formulations of Prolastil E-50 contain the highest concentration of tropoelastin available. The skin tissue around the eye is the thinnest on the body and therefore will show the first signs of aging.

    The eye serum has been specifically formulated for the sensitive skin around the eyes, however it can be used sparingly in other areas of wrinkles and fine lines.

    The facial cream may be used anywhere on the face except the eyes. Many users also apply Prolastil E-50 to the neck area and upper chest (decolletage) with equal success as seen on the face.
  3. How do I apply Prolastil-50?
    Use Prolastil sparingly. Using more does not provide a better result. You should gently massage in a small amount into the skin so that the product dries within three minutes. That is the optimum amount needed to produce maximum results.
  4. Can I use Prolastil-E50 with other skin care products?
    Prolastil E-50 is formulated to use with other skin products. You may apply make-up or other skin products after applying Prolastil E-50. Prolastil E-50 should be applied immediately after cleaning skin and prior to other products. Absorption is best when skin is clean and no other products are blocking / clogging the pores.
  5. Can I use Prolastil E-50 with sun screens?
    Prolastil E-50 is compatible with all sunscreens, however, we recommend Prolastil E-50 be applied prior to the use of sunscreens. Allow Prolastil to penetrate and dry prior to sunscreen application.
  6. Can I be allergic to Prolastil E-50
    Prolastil E-50 uses human pro-elastin as its active ingredient. During clinical trials, there has never been a reported case of allergy to the product. However, there may be a very rare case of irritation or possible allergy. If you develop an irritation due to the product please let us know as well as your physician. Prolastil E-50 professional strength face cream and eye serum should never contact the eye or eyelashes. If you have inadvertent eye contact, please wash immediately.
  7. How do I store Prolastil E-50
    As with other cosmetics, avoid warm or humid storage places.  Cool and dry is a better alternative.  Avoid direct sun light.
  8. Can I apply Prolastil E-50 products more than once a day?
    Clinical results have been measured using Prolastil E-50 twice daily. Some users have reported improved results using the professional face cream once daily, on the face and décolletage. It appears to vary by user. In any case, the Eye Serum can be applied twice daily for optimal results, however some use only during the day and avoid evening application for those concerned about inadvertently getting into eyes during sleep.
  9. Can I return the product for a refund if I am not satisfied?
    We will grant a refund for product return within 30 days of purchase.  We request with any return that you fill out a return authorization available via email.